Thugz Allowed
This Is The Thugz Cabin. Where You Do What Ever You want.Its not Really A Cabin.They Just Call It That.Its Actually A Big Mansion So Whats Gonna Go down In This Thugz Cabin.
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Adrienne Davis | Suspicous | 17 | Florida | FC: Lucy Hale

Background: Adrienne Was Always Suspicous About Something. I Mean She Knew How To Lie And All That.But Was Just Suspicous. She Had Friends But If Someone Faught She Would Be Suspicous.If Someone Killed Someone Else She Would Be Suspicous.She’s Just Suspicous.

Connections: None

"Here To Have An Awesome Time".

Shayne Malik | Cool/Groovy | 19 | UK | FC: Zayn Malik From One Direction

Background: Shayne Was A Cool Dude.EveryOne Loved Him So Much. He got Along With Everyone So Well. And Everyone Loved His Lil UK Voice. It Was Very Cute.For some Reason He Just Always Had A Crush On China. Even If She Was Spoiled He Really Didnt Care.Shayne Can Be Groovy To.But You Cant Stop Shayne From Doing What He Do.

Connections: Likes China.

"Here To Do Cool Things With Everyone".

Jai Samuels | Player | 18 | Bronx | FC:Justin Bieber

BackGround: Jai Was Always A Player.His Mom Hated It.His Dad died When He Was 11 So Thats Why He Has No Sence.Jai Was Never A Player He Just Feels Like He NEEDS To Be One.But Everyone Tells Him He Doesnt. He got 3 Girls Pregnant But Doesnt Care.

Connections: None

"Here To See Some fine Ladies".

China Renee | Spoiled Brat | 20 | New Jersey | FC: Blac Chyna

BackGround: China Was Always A Spoiled Brat She Wasnt Spoiled She Was A Spoiled Brat. She Expected Everyone To Give Her Everything. She Thought Everyone Really Liked Her.When She Goes Out She Expects A Man To Buy Her A Drink. When She Goes To The Mall She Expects Her Friends To Buy Her Something.Just A Spoiled Girl In A Spoiled World.

Connections: None

"Just Here To Enjoy Things".

Paige West | Funny/Fiesty | 18 | New York | FC: Erika Jordan BGC10

BackGround: Paige Is One Of The Most Funniest girls You’ll Ever Meet. But She Can Be Fiesty Sometimes. She Sometimes Get Mad Over Stupid Stuff But Never Cares. If Someone Made Fun Of Her She Gets Her Revenge Back By Fighting Or Saying One Of The Most Meanest Or Funniest Things Ever.But Paige Gets Her Jokes From Herself Not Anybody Else.

Connections: None

"Here To Have Fun".


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